A new building project in Lefkada

Here you can observe the construction stages of the new building project in Lefkada

Construction type January 2017

street regulation

natural stone work

floors and tiles

A house of 273.91 m² area is being built here for a German family.

This house 74.23 m² pergolas, 127.66 m² terraces, 33.83 m² balconies, 9.37 m² covered areas and a 40.56 m² overflow pool.

In the case of such an object of the upper category, an exterior kitchen is of course on the spacious terraces.

In the house there are 4 bedrooms, 4 shower baths, 1 office space, 1 living room with open kitchen and dining area, 1 utility room, 1 technical room and a guest WC.

The entrance area is protected by a wind trap.

All exterior walls consist of 30 cm Y-Tong stones and are provided with a thermal insulation. This receives a 3mm grain plaster which is colored according to the wishes of the owner.

For this object only 254 m³ of reinforced concrete is allowed, since a high degree of earthquake resistance must be ensured in Lefkada.