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Planning and designing your dream home

Once we know the requirements of the property of your dream home, the planning begins. A decisive factor in planning is finding out which criteria are important to you. This is usually done in a close consultation with you as the owner and, if necessary, an architect. In this stage all plumbing pipes (supply and waste water), the optimal position of the electrical, telephone and SAT lines as well as a sensible irrigation system for your garden will be planned. Our professional team will take care of all the details, including the tiny ones.

Energy-conscious building

It is important for us to build energy-efficient houses. Thus, the facades of our houses are well insulated (Thermal Insulation). This saves you the cost of air conditioning and heating and provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space. In Greece there is a difference in temperature up to 30 degrees, but thanks to our technology you can enjoy a pleasant climate in your dream house all around the year.

High quality materials and services

We value sustainable building and our suppliers know that we do not compromise on quality. Therefore, we only use high-quality materials, which are also permanently resistant to the climate of Greece which offers our customers a long-lasting pleasure at their dream homes.

Exclusive wishes? Our specialty!

When designing your house, we are also looking forward to hearing you extraordinary wishes.
Rare materials or a special design? We make it possible. Whether you like us to set up your dream house after completion, or to design your garden, our specialists for interior design and horticulture are always ready to implement your ideas and wishes professionally.

Fitted kitchens and built-in cabinets

How about if you take over the house complete with kitchen and built-in wardrobes? Our carpenters and kitchen builder fit every kitchen optimally into the existing floor plan. Plan with us from the very beginning.

The planning, design and planting of your garden.

Our horticulturists design your garden to your liking. For example, with natural stone slabs for terraces and paths or stone walls made of natural stones in various constructions. The options are unlimited. You decide and we make your dreams come true!