Commission-free lands Greece

Your property in unobstructed locations for your home in Greece.

In order to build, you need a plan. And in a country like Greece where it’s not easy to select the perfect location due to the rich variety and it could get out of your control without the help of a local expert. For this reason you should contact us and take advantage of our experience.

Below is a small selection of some magical lands from our stock.
Many of these are in preferred locations with unobstructed views of the sea, and are owner-free. Ask us, we will find you your dream property.

What does “commission-free” mean in this case?
We make the contact with the seller and you fix everything else directly.
If you need help with the processing – or we are supposed to do it for you, we charge an appropriate compensation, which is usually by far less than a common broker’s commission.
Because our interest is not in dealing with land, but in building beautiful houses, we would repay this expense if you purchase the property in connection with a building contract. Fair enough?